speaker and career coach

Bini Lemma Teklehaimanot

Technology Professional, Speaker and Career Coach

I am passionate about young people and their success. I get pleasure from helping them achieve their goals through various initiative including my role as a speaker and career coach.

I speak to college students and young professionals on three main topics

Career Choices

A career should align with passion and long term goals. A career is not just about the potential income but a combination of strength, skills, desires, passion, environment and training. Some options are less popular than others. A good research will help us find the right one for us. Business Insider gives some good examples of great careers ignored by most college students.


How to influence while being different – Diversity

It is easy to assume only the majority have authority to lead and influence. However, the art of Influence can be learned and acquired. Whether it is to influence higher productivity, more sales or getting what we want, we can master the skills and improve on them over time. When we want to influence for good, it is easier to achieve our goal.

It is important to know what we are going for before we attempt top influence. If the goal is not clear to us, it will definitely not be clear to our recipients. In addition, we want to engage our audience and make them part of the benefit. We want to be ready to answer the question, “what’s in it for me?” from the people we want to influence.

Career Planning and Development

 A career needs to be given a lot of thoughts and time if we want it to be the right one and the one we love. It is not a difficult process but requires attention. We can’t just go into a career because someone says we are good at it. It takes planning and as skills and experiences are gained, the development part takes place.

A short clip from one of my speeches to a group of High Tech Consultants:

Here is the page to learn more about my speeches and book an opportunity. I enjoy being a speaker and career coach as they compliment my core values.