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The statistics are out there – and they are disheartening. According to Pew Research, more than 40% of Americans employed full-time view their current position as either a stepping stone to their ideal career or just a job to get them from day to day. In other countries, this percentage is likely much higher.

My question is, “Why?” What is it about your current situation or employer that holds you back from achieving your career goals? What steps could you take to overcome obstacles and get that promotion you have been wanting or break-in to that new industry?

Career Guidance Starts with a Growth Mindset

I truly believe that it is not how you work; it is how you think. This is a motto I live by and the inspiration for becoming a career coach. Every day, I work with talented mentees whose eyes light up when they get that call back from a hiring manager or invitation to apply at one of the top companies in their field.

Whether you are already working in your ideal industry or want to make a drastic change to a new career, working with a career mentor like myself can help you define your goals, discover your strengths, and develop solution-focused tactics to get you where you want to be in your career.

My Professional Journey

I feel it is important for you to know that everyone starts somewhere, including me. Personally, my wake-up call happened after I landed a leadership position after college. I had just earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Technology and, though I was excited to be a young professional leader, I quickly discovered that my passion and career were not aligned. I was miserable and desperate for a change. I was one of the aforementioned 40% of employees.

Armed with a willingness to think outside the box and the determination to take action, I made a few strategic career moves that led to meeting the right people at the right time. I discovered and developed my love for helping others achieve their dreams by becoming a career mentor. Today, I help young professionals do the same so that they can attain the career of their dreams.

What a Career Advisor Is (and Is Not)

This is not high school; there is no multiple choice assessment that will point you in the direction of your ideal career. We live in the real world and cookie-cutter solutions simply will not, well, cut it. A career coach is not someone whose sole job is to provide a simple “pep talk” before your next interview (although we do motivate you to take actionable steps toward your goal). It also is not someone who sources a list of potential jobs for you. Instead, a good career coach serves as a mentor who:

Working with a professional career coach means that you have someone in your corner who knows what it takes to get you where you want to be and will guide you every step of the way. As one of my mentees recently said, “Every time I come to see you, you tell me the exact thing that gets me to the next level.” And that is what I feel being a career mentor is all about: helping you make progress quickly.

Sculpt Your Professional Journey: How I Operate as a Career Counselor

As a career mentor, I am often asked questions like, “Won’t getting a new job make me feel better?” or “All I need is a career advisor to tell me which field to be in and I’ll be ready to move on, right?” For individuals who are unhappy in their current role or struggling with unemployment, it is tempting to think simple job searches will get you out of a rut.

Unfortunately, even if you find a different or new job, you may end up jumping from one fire to another, i.e. your next position will leave you just as unsatisfied as your current. As a career advisor, I treat each new mentee as the unique professional they are. My 5-step process is central to providing services as a career counselor, but I also keep an open mind and tailor my approach when needed.

In general, I follow the five steps below when I begin working with a young professional who is seeking career guidance:

Get Started Today

If you dare to dream, dream big. There is no time to waste on tasks that will not produce results. My name is Bini Lemma Teklehaimanot, and I help young professionals like yourself explore their unique set of talents, cultivate professional relationships, and develop strategies designed to land the career they have always wanted. Contact me today to schedule a personalized consultation packed with valuable career guidance you can begin to use immediately.


Technology Professional, Speaker and Career Coach

I am passionate about young people and their success. I get pleasure from helping them achieve their goals through various initiative including my role as a speaker and career coach.

I speak to college students and young professionals on three main topics

Career Choices

A career should align with passion and long term goals. A career is not just about the potential income but a combination of strength, skills, desires, passion, environment and training. Some options are less popular than others. A good research will help us find the right one for us. Business Insider gives some good examples of great careers ignored by most college students.

How to influence while being different - Diversity

It is easy to assume only the majority have authority to lead and influence. However, the art of Influence can be learned and acquired. Whether it is to influence higher productivity, more sales or getting what we want, we can master the skills and improve on them over time. When we want to influence for good, it is easier to achieve our goal.

It is important to know what we are going for before we attempt top influence. If the goal is not clear to us, it will definitely not be clear to our recipients. In addition, we want to engage our audience and make them part of the benefit. We want to be ready to answer the question, "what's in it for me?" from the people we want to influence.

Career Planning and Development

A career needs to be given a lot of thoughts and time if we want it to be the right one and the one we love. It is not a difficult process but requires attention. We can't just go into a career because someone says we are good at it. It takes planning and as skills and experiences are gained, the development part takes place.

A short clip from one of my speeches to a group of High Tech Consultants:

Here is the page to learn more about my speeches and book an opportunity. I enjoy being a speaker and career coach as they compliment my core values.

About Us

Bini is an accomplished speaker, technology professional, and career mentor. He is a seasoned program manager, negotiator and strategist. In addition to helping organizations achieve their strategic and compliance goals, Bini helps college students and young professionals grow in their careers through mentorship.

Bini has worn many hats in his career – SOX auditor and remediation manager, technical document editor, project and program manager. Bini has managed project budget, rhythm of business and strategies. As a result, he has gained insight into career planning and executions. Bini’s professional values are:

Bini’s philosophy is:

Take risks while building compassionate relationships. Focus on the good of people and create positive connections.


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Group Coaching

I offer group sessions as well. Currently I am fully booked. If interested to join when a spot becomes avalaible, email me and let me know you want to be on the waiting list.

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