Career Coach Seattle

Career Coach Seattle Offer

Just started to offer a free 30 minutes coaching session in Seattle. For details, view the YouTube video career coach  Seattle or go directly to the signup page to schedule your FREE session. In the 30 minutes, we will uncover all your strength, challenges and road block. These are the areas that are preventing you from achieving your goals. Are you looking to change your career? Get a promotion? Find a new job that you will love? I can help you with any of these and much much more.

By the end of the 30 minutes, you will have a clear action plan to head in the direction you seek. Even if you are not clear yet on your career direction, I will help you figure it out. There is no single formula that will work for everyone.  So all the work we will do together will be customized to your specific needs and goals.

We start with clarifying your direction then work on strategizing your actions followed by upgrading your skills. At the end of the session, we will address optimizing your environment and mastering your psychology. We can spend more time on any one of these if you have a handle on the others. As stated earlier, there is no cookie cutter solution for everyone. My goal is to make sure you gain the most out of the session.

Career Coach Seattle

Passion and Career

Career coach Seattle is all about discovering your passion and aligning it with the job that will feel like a hobby. You will focus on enjoying what you do as you will be making an impact, Instead of laboring and doing tasks. The company you work for will value your contribution since you will have a direct relation to revenue, cost saving, customer satisfaction or employee satisfaction. Your impact can be to one, some or all of the impact areas.