What should my career be?

What Should My Career Be?

When it comes to answering what should my career be, we have to look at the relationship between first career choice and changing career. According to a survey of New York professionals every person wanted to change their careers three times in their lives. The NY Times also discusses the idea of retuning your career. Many people seem confused and can’t figure out the best career. They seem to be asking themselves and others, too “what should my career be”. They need guidance and this post for the people who are looking for the answers to “what career is right for me”. It is also a good idea to look at career aspirations.

What Should My Career Be


What Career Should I Pursue?

The first step everyone should take to find out the best career for them is to figure out what they are good at. People get admissions in engineering, medical professions but when they graduate, they want to change their careers. The governments and especially the colleges must introduce systems that help students find their passion and a profession that excites them.

The next step is to try some online tests that help shape careers of the individuals. These tests are meant to find out what career is right for me and what should my career be. This will surely be a great source of help for the confused guys.

Trying a mentor will also be an effective way to find out what career you should pursue. Meet people of your interest and find out what motivated them. Listen to them, learn from them and if they suggest you to consult someone- make them your mentor.

What Career Should I have?

Once you are done with mentoring and finding your strengths, the next step should be to pursue it. What you pursue today should be your career for a lifetime. Students and the unemployed individuals must remember switching your profession is not a piece of cake. It will be an ugly decision in case the new profession doesn’t seem to be your cup of tea.

And don’t listen to others. Complete your research work on career selection and go with it. People will suggest a lot of things but everyone doesn’t need to be listened and asked. Do what your heart says. Do things that excite and keep you happy. I have seen qualified professionals desiring to change professions because they are not happy at all while there are people who graduated and started working in different professions than their parent degree and they are quite happy.

Bonus Tip

Another handy piece of advice is to switch the profession. Today, we see technology sector growing rapidly and more people are switching their professions to tech sector. They either become social media manager, SEO experts, bloggers and many other experts. In case you want to switch your profession, do it wisely. Do the necessary research; equip yourself with new and in-demand set of skills before landing a new job.  And this all is subjected to hard work, dedication and passionate efforts. Last but not the least, your career is with you, but you are not married to your career, so make decisions that have a future.  If you invest today in your strengths, you will have gigantic sets of skills in the future and this is what makes anyone successful. The bottom line is you need to be clear and answer for yourself what should my career be and don’t rely too much on what other people say about you.

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